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People working with me say

Working with Lavinia and using a learning contract proved to be the missing piece from my learning process. Up until then, my learning would be sporadic and lacking the necessary focus to get the job done. There were some best practices I had developed both personally and within the design studio but lacked a proper structure. The main benefit of the learning contract was the personalized aspect of it, that came out of our 1-to-1 conversations. The process and structure of my learning objectives were entirely up to me to set, for the contract to be as efficient as possible on my working style. Having it laid out in plain writing and in a defined timeline helped keeping myself accountable and not falling behind on my learning objectives. But even when this happened, it was much easier to look back at what went wrong and learn from it. This way, I got some key insights about myself and the way I learn, having been practicing it for the past 6 months. And with these new learnings, I could improve my next contract to better illustrate my current state of learning.

Adrian Ciulei, Creative Director @studiohumm