Learning Apps


Technology is an amazing add-on to your learning process. Here are some useful and fun apps & websites I’ve stumbled upon and enjoyed. Some are well-known already, some small brands that use backed-by science learning techniques.

1. Language learning

Duolingo – if you ever tried to learn a new language, you already have the little smiley bird in mind. That’s Duolingo, a gamified app that uses all types of practice to help you learn a new language. It’s free and it’s fun!

Babel – same as Duolingo, Babel might be one of the biggest apps out there for language learning. You can find problem-solving learning techniques to improve language speaking. You learn through conversations, rather than just random words.

2. Learning from books

Blinkist – there are so many books out there, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Blinkist might solve that problem. It offers summaries of most of the best-selling books of the decade. You will find books focused on personal development, productivity, business, entrepreneurship.

Walnut – if you feel like you’re not getting much out of the books you read, say hey to Walnut. It’s an app that uses quizes to help you strengthen the knowledge you get out of books.

3. Learning anything

Learning Lab – an impressive self-directed learner, Sandoche Adittane from Learning Lab gives you his own recipes to learning random things. You can find on his website one month challenges shaped around goals from music production, to swimming and vector illustration.

Learn Anything – an open-source website build by a community. Learn anything helps you learn all kinds of things by following the best paths voted by other people.

4. Build habits

Habitify – I’ve been using this app to build learning habits like reflection, meditation, setting goals, reading and so on. I love the user experience and how easy is to track your improvement.

Be focused – ever since I took Barbara Oakley’s Learning how to learn course, I’ve been captured by the Pomodoro technique. I use Be Focused to go through cycles of focused work and breaks to get more things done.

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